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Hammam Treatment - £30 for 60 mins (£20 if booked with 60min/90min Massage or 5 block session for £100)

Hammam in Arabic means ‘spreader of warmth.’ Common in the Middle East, a Hammam is like a sauna, using steam instead of dry heat for relaxation and a deep cleanse spa. Traditionally three steps are involved: steam, exfoliate and massage.

The Moroccan Natural Hammam Spa at The Old Post Office is inside what was the original bank vault of the building, originally Gurney Bank built in 1790. The original features of the arched brickwork and iron reinforced walls, compliment the tiles. The original huge safe door has been preserved on the reverse side of the shower and is a feature in the bathroom of the Gurney Room.

Luxurious in design, this Hammam Spa treats with four therapies - steam, aromatherapy, chromatherapy and music therapy. The system works on a 60 minute cycle, this being the recommended time and automatically switches off.

Your session includes a full body mask treatment with rhassoul clay, black soap, argan oil and rose water.

Hammam towels and slippers are provided, all you need is a swimsuit. Cleansing tea, water, dates and nuts are served during your visit.

Massage Treatment - £45 for 30 mins

Upper Back, Indian Head or Foot Massage.

Massage Treatment - £65 for 60 mins or £110 for 90 mins

Full mind body holistic massage/Deep tissue/Reflexology/Balinese/Hawaiian LomiLomi/Ayurvedic/Hot Stone/Himalayan Salt Massage

Complete your Day Spa with Sharing Platter £15 Afternoon Tea £20 or Lebanese Meze £40

Benefits of the Hammam Spa

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and allow deep relaxation.
  • Removes dead skin from your body, unclogs pores and eliminates toxins from the skin
  • Regulate skin oil secretions to prevent acne and help heal scars and reduce redness
  • Nourishes and rehydrates the skin 
  • Anti-aging allows the inner organs to breathe, helps to tone and firm the skin while improving elasticity
  • Decreases muscle tension, soothes muscle pain and rheumatism
  • Promotes better sleep, helps to rejuvenate your body during rest
  • Boost the immune system and activates the blood circulation


Unlike the sauna, humidity in a Turkish bath is around 100% and the temperature goes from 25 to 50 °C, rising upwards from the floor. The temperature is lower than in a sauna but given that you stay in a Turkish bath longer, you sweat a lot more. Due to the lower temperatures and the increased amount of steam, Hammam cabins do not have wooden interiors but are covered in ceramics or tiles like normal bathrooms. The procedure for a Turkish bath is similar to that for a sauna.

What to Wear

Swim wear is suitable attire to wear in the Hammam Spa. We provide Hammam towels. Complimentary cleansing tea served with dates and nuts is provided.

Step by Step Use of the Hammam


Before entering the Hammam, it is a good idea to drink a glass of water or cleansing tea to avoid dehydration, we provide these as readily available in the Galleried Library where there is seating to relax. 

Simple Routine 15 to 20 minutes

Sit or recline on the bench. As well as benefiting from the steam, you can also enjoy the aromatherapy with essential oils which reawaken, refresh, stimulate and relax. Colour therapy also has beneficial effects on your mind and body and the calming music of dolphin sounds, rainforest music or Arabian drums further relaxes the body. Take a break as needed to rehydrate or use the toilet. The cycle may be repeated 2-3 times with short 5 mins breaks in between. Upon exiting, have a cool shower.

Complete Routine 45 to 60 mins

Follow the simple routine as above, at the end of the cycle use the Rhassoul clay as a body and face mask, it may also be applied to your hair and left in as a conditioning treatment until the end of your spa session. Cover your body with black soap and use a wet kessa glove or scrub sponge to exfoliate your skin, rubbing and massaging the body with vigorous and circular motions away from the heart for at least 10 minutes. Have a cool shower and lastly moisturise your skin with argan oil.

Exit the Hammam immediately if you feel at all unwell or if you have a throbbing in your temples, an indication of excessive change in your blood pressure.

A short health questionnaire with disclaimer must be completed before using the Hammam. It is not recommended for individuals with heart conditions. open wounds, pregnant women or children under 12 years old.

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